The Healing Difference

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The Café

Our rustic-chic, 2-level hangout spot in Mid-City opened its doors in 2015. A bright red San Franciscan roaster greets local patrons, coffee enthusiasts & laptop warriors alike. An elongated coffee bar lets our visitors sit and watch our expert brewers prep drinks in number of traditional methods. Towards the back, a cozy lounge area with tables and power outlets offers privacy and productivity. Complimentary Wi-Fi & filtered ice-cold water keeps the senses cool and devices connected. Enjoying an artisan cup of coffee, done right, at our café, is an experience unlike any other.

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The Menu

Signature Drinks

This is an experience anyone who is serious about coffee and lives within a reasonable proximity must have. 

Nick A.

I love a good cup of coffee and Healing Coffee Roasters is definitely the place for it! 

Stella K.

Healing coffee roasters was just the thing I needed to heal from a long week. 

John T.

Their coffee is great! They have a small tasting option for their cold brew. Anything you try will be tasty.

I like how they care about the quality of their coffee and educating their customers.

Arlene N.

Our location

      5007 W Pico Blvd.        Los Angeles, CA 90019

Mon - Fri, 8am - 9pm
Saturday, 9am - 8pm
Sunday, 9am - 8pm

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